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If you want to sign up to access our members page then you are looking in the wrong page. This page is for webmasters only. Click here to go back to the main page. If you're looking for oppurtunities to make $$ then read on.

Hentai Paradize is one of the biggest site on the HentaiKey Network. We have good reputation with our user bases, We are the fastest site in HentaiKey network when it comes to the updates. As we updates the site daily, we expect them to rebill every month. Our site is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), that means we dont have FAKE contents. All the stuffs you see in the previews page is REAL and they are availabe to download from our members page.

This site is also a part of the HentaiKey network, one of the biggest Hentai Network to date. Surfers value their money, they don't like paysites with limited content. But don't worry, we got that covered as well. Every users that register under HentaiKey will gain access to the ENTIRE HentaiKey network !! Which, in turn, means more $$$ for you ;) Satisfaction Guaranteed !!

What is the payout rate ?
The signup payouts rate is USD $10.00 per signup and USD $5.00 per monthly rebill. You can choose between Paypal (Recommended), Cheques, Western Union or Wire Transfer. It doesnt get any much better than that !!

What do i need to do ?
Basically, all you need is TRAFFIC. If you own a hentai/anime/or even a porn site with tons of traffics, you can basically turn them into money. You only need to put our affiliate link somewhere and wait for people to register.Just think this way, let's say you send us 1000 hits/ day, and you'd expect 10 of them to converts.Even just 5 converts a day already equates to USD $50 / day !!! And you don't have to worry about the site or updates because we do it all for you !! Just sit back, relax and let the money flow ;)

Bottom line is....
Bring traffic, get sign ups, get paid. It's as simple as that.

Great !! Now how do i get started ?
Just fill out the form below. Once you submit your info you should get an email with all required information to get started. USA residents don't forget to submit your tax ID If you live Outside the USA then you can leave the form BLANK.

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